Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Project

My second blog is progressing nicely, one on the topic of raw feeding for Dals. I've planned for a long time to do that. I'm also finishing up a booklet on the topic, one that I started quite a few years ago. Maybe get it done, this time! Raw Feeding Blog

Our new dog fitness ball arrived yesterday, a peanut ball. It took forever to inflate and is as big as the fridge, but Argus thought it was such fun. I got him used to fitness balls using a regular round one about 60 cm. high. He learned to put his front feet up, and rest comfortably, but it was not large enough for him to sit on it safely. The peanut ball is long enough for him to stand on comfortably - actually long enough for a St. Bernard to stand on - think I could have bought a bit smaller one! He caught on quickly, ate his treated, lashed his tail, and kissed me whenever he was close enough to my face. It's a lot easier when your subject is such a willing participant.

Made another appointment with the Sports Med Vet for next week. We'll do an adjustment, and I need to ask some questions. Was very tempted to enter two shows yesterday before the deadline, but I have to accept the fact that this may take awhile, if it works at all.

The poor fish were somewhat neglected during our busy mid-August to mid-September period, but I've been busy playing catch up for the past two weeks.  All tanks have had major water changes, I've removed and discarded gallons of duckweed (and to think, I once PAID for some duckweed).   Sadly, I lost one of my older fish, the Knight Goby known as "Argus's fish".  That was the first fish Argus always visited when he came to the fishroom, a large silvery fish with black spots, and exotic finnage.  I'd had him for at least 4 years and he'd been looking pretty rough for the past few months.


Jennifer Mathews said...

just read your new blog!! so glad you are doing this, a great help to us who are feeding raw to our Dalmatians. Thanks again and looking forward to it......been busy opening up an art shop with my daughter and have missed your blog for a while, but will get back on track and so glad to read about raw feeding. Do you know anything about Bravo? It is raw ground up meat and bones (I use the chicken) I also order their frozen necks and backs. I have not been able to find them here through local butchers.
Thanks again, Jen

Lynnda L in Mpls said...

Where is Sports Med Vet? I've used Dr.Julia at TC Animal Rehab in Burnsville -- she is great at the treatment plan. Diagnosis is so tough with dog "sports" injuries/movement glitches. Soft tissue doesn't show up on X-Rays & MRI's cost thousands of $.
Been enjoying your blog [but no one comments...].
Lynnda L