Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Long Weekend - Of Work?

Josie can cuddle like this for hours.

The last long weekend for quite awhile.  Things have been hairy at work, and I could use a weekend to relax, but I probably won't be doing that!

Off to Mason City in a bit, to deliver Eddie to Lisen & Jerry.  He'll be staying for awhile, being an only Dal (living with a Brittany) and freeing up some time around here.   He looks pretty nice, and will eventually be for sale.  I won't keep him permanently, but want to run him on for awhile until I decide where he should end up.  Excellent temperament & personality, and as cute as can be.

With Eddie out of the picture for awhile, I can take down the puppy pen, scrub the tile, roll out the area rugs and have my basement back for puppy training.  Mariah really needs to work on her baiting and stacking if I hope to have her ready for the spring shows.  She's growing up in "one piece" rather than going through stages, as Janey says Mariah's brother is doing.  Remembering what a noodle Argus was at 4 months, I am not surprised that Boca looks the same way.

Good news that the girl in the newest Argus litter out in Oregon has two brown eyes and hears.  Spotting looks good too.  So far, so good.  If she comes to me as my stud fee pup, I'll probably also get her brother to sell, so if you might be looking for a handsome, but colorful puppy boy he may be that dog.  Stay tuned.

We're delighted that one of our favorite liver girls is scheduled to be bred to Argus this spring.  Again, we will do this for a puppy.  She has a terrific personality and has had a great career and will hopefully produce something extra nice.

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