Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Time To Start Looking . . .

Mariah will be available to the RIGHT home

Finally made the decision to start looking for a "forever home" for Mariah.  Hopefully I can find one as good as the home Jaime/Jake went to, and the one Eddie will be going to soon.  Mariah is a great fit for my household, and both Ron & I really like her.  She's smart, willing, tries very hard to please, has lots of cute traits including talking and smiling, but she's just a bit too short.  Not a bad trait in a companion to be sure, she's really the perfect size for sitting on your lap, but she's a bit short for the show ring.   I could keep her for awhile longer, to see if she grows, but if the right home is there for her it would be a shame to miss it.  My first choice would be something local, within easy driving distance, so I could keep an eye on her.  If she gets a late growth spurt, I'd like the option to show her (at my expense).  If she doesn't, she can be spayed and live her life as a wonderful companion.  Let me know if you can provide the right home.  (I'd also consider placing her further away, if the situation is right.)

Not an easy thing to do as I really enjoy Mariah, but any young dog I acquire is a "maybe".  I'm still looking for just the right dog to add to my household, but it has to have the right personality for us as well as be star quality in the showring.  Guess I am still looking.  Because of my age, Ron's age, where I live, and future financial concerns, any permanent addition to my household has to be just the right dog to stay here forever.   Argus was the last dog I kept, and he's 5 1/2 years old.  I'd really prefer another brownie boy, but common sense tells me it ought to be a girl.

Plans are falling into place for Lucy to go home for awhile after the National.  Jess put both majors on her, but she still needs 5 singles to finish her championship.  Because Jess will not be available to handle her in May, and because Lucy is due in season momentarily, we decided she should go back to her family for a couple of months.  We'll bring her back later, preferable in July, but possibly not until mid-August.  We'll send her home with her health testing completed, and we've all agreed that it would be more practical to breed her next fall.  Her family will be moving this summer and a litter of pups could make things more than a little difficult!

When Lucy's family comes to pick her up, they will return Eddie who then goes to live with Lisen & Jerry, and Ruby the Brittany.  Eddie is such a sweetheart, and I know Lisen will really enjoy having a Dal again!   

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