Thursday, April 21, 2011


Puck is afterall a California Dal!

Argh, one of those nights that last too long.  The kind where I wake up at 4:00 and can't get back to sleep.  Way too much to worry about! 

Big worries like will I ever be able to sell this big dumpy house?  How will I ever get everything out of it?  How long will I be able to afford the taxes for the "privilege" of living here?  Should I refinance, or wait until I need to include the cost of a new roof in the package?  How old is my roof?  How long do they last?   Do I need to put additional money into the house?  Will my neighbor be a problem again this year.  Will the new fence go in smoothly?  How long will it take?  How will we manage the dogs without a fence?  Who can I farm out for a week or two?  Would anyone take Mariah?

How will the training go for the new accounting system?  Will it actually work when we Go Live?  Will I catch on to the new system?  How will I manage my job & JoAnn's too, in a new system?  Will my boss survive the stress?  How long before we can actually do our work in a timely fashion?  Should I have taken the retirement buy out?  Will it be offered again?  Will there be lay offs?  Will "they" screw around with our retirement package?  Will we get a pay cut?  Furloughs?  Will the state shut down at the end of the fiscal year?  Will the state's budget issues actually get resolved? 

Am I getting more forgetful?  Will I develop Alzheimers?  Do I HAVE Alzheimers?  How would I know?  Are my eyes getting worse?  How long before AMD makes it difficult for me to work?  Will the Glaucoma or the Pigment Dispersion Syndrome cause more problems than AMD?  How would I handle being blind?  Can I afford the dental work I need this year?  Why is dental coverage so minimal?  Is it time for that hearing aid this year?  Does it annoy people that I say, "What?"  When will Ron go in for an evaluation?  One of us should be able to hear!  Why won't he go in for a general check up?  Eat better? Take vitamins?  Be more careful about cholesterol & sodium?  Am I spending enough time with my mother?  How long will she be able to live alone?  She seems to be doing well, but am I missing something I should have noticed?  If someone has a health crisis this summer, will I be able to manage that along with my job?  Will I really be able to retire in 3+ years?  Will I survive that long?  Will there be any Social Security left for me?

Will Jess and Don decide to move?  Can they afford to buy closer to work?  Can they sell their house?  Do they really want to give up their present home?  How bad does Ron's condo look?  Does he ever clean house? Does it look like a trash house? Should I nag him about it?  Should I go take a look?  Will I be the one who has to take charge of that some day?  What will happen to all his stuff?

How long will Coral live?  What will Ron do when she passes? Will she have expensive vet bills?  Will the others stay healthy?  Why are vet bills so expensive?  Will we get Lucy home after DCA?  Will Lisen be ready for Eddie?  Is it time to sell Mariah?  Should I let her go as a pet, or keep strings so I can show/breed her if I want?  When is she coming in season?  Should I sell her before then?  How long should I wait on her?   Can I really afford to show Argus any more? Is it time to retire him? Will I miss the shows?  Will HE miss the shows?  Should I start him in Rally?  Obedience?  Will the tendinitis in my shoulder get worse if I do that?   Will I be able to get away for any shows this summer?  Will I be too stressed from work to do a good job with the dogs?  Will Reebok come in season at a suitable time?  How will she fit in here?  Will she get along with Coral & Josie?  Do I really want to raise a litter of pups?  Should we breed Penny this summer or wait?  How should we breed her?  Who should do the puppies?

Why is my brain so active at night?  Why can't I just go back to sleep?   Ah, the clock radio came on.  Thank goodness.  The news is bad, as always.  But the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everything looks much better in daylight! A cup of coffee, and a group of wagging Dal tails really helps too.  It's gonna be a good day!

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