Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name . . .


Up early hoping to get the dogs out before the rain started, but that didn't work.  The boys and Reebok got to spend their normal half hour outdoors, but Josie and Coral got short-changed by the rain.  Last I heard the forecast called for hot and humid today, then cooling down to the 70s by the end of the week - and beyond.  I hope so!

Penny and the Arboks
Now that I have decided to keep Letty, it's time to start thinking about a name for her.  It was going to be Paisley Choco Chip Ready For Broadway, which uses both Rosie's and my "kennel names" (think trademark) and combines Argus's and Reebok's names.  But it does not fit really her, so I'll think on it a bit longer.

Letty is a beauty, with just the spotting style and face I love, and a beautiful outline.  She has a great attitude, is very brave and confident, and moves like a dream - sound from all angles, and with that "special something" in her gait.  We refer to it as "carriage" and it's partially structure, partially balance, and partially attitude, but it's a very special look that takes my breath away when I see it in any breed.  It's that "special something"!   Paisley Choco Chip Special Something?  Naw, back to the drawing board.  

Now we will wait and see what Letty's tail does.  Weather has the better tail carriage at this age and I almost picked her because of it, but decided to pick Letty and torture myself.  So many bad tails in the breed right now and I HATE looking at them, but it's only part of the whole picture.  Puppy tails are notably unpredictable and the ones that are up as youngsters can come down and end up perfect, while tails that looked pretty good on babies can come up later.  I wish I had a crystal ball for predicting how tails will end up.  Penny and Pauli have beautiful straight tails, and Argus has done well on tails, so we'll see . . .

Health check up on Friday, BAER testing on Saturday, and Rosie comes on Sunday to make her picks and to take Reebok home. Reebok has been a good guest and fit in nicely here.  I already told Rosie that I might be interested to leasing her again.  Could be interesting to breed her to Charlie Brown, once he has all his health testing done. 


Tibbie said...

How about Paisley Choco Chip Let The Show Begin
That would let you keep the name Letty too.

SueMac said...

Thanks for the suggestion Tibbie - that's what it will be!