Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Letty at 6 weeks

Oops, I was skimming through my email this morning and discovered that I had 6 unanswered puppy inquiries.  Sorry!   I will try to get to them tonight.  Several of them are probably the result of people coming across my blog, so I just wanted you to know that I will respond.   Don't think I have any puppies available unless someone changes their mind at the last minute, but I will be glad to give you a couple of referrals.   Penny's pups are also spoken for I think.

We will probably have puppies here again early next spring after Lucy is bred.  It will not be my litter, but I will be involved in the puppy placements and will have the litter here for BAER testing since there is no place to have that done where Lucy's owners live.  I've already taken several reservations on that litter.

And NEXT year Pauli will be bred.  She'll be four then, and it will be time for her first litter as we don't want to wait too long.  She's had fun being a show dog and has done really well, and we hope she'll be a good producer.

It's interesting how much Weather looks like Pauli, and how much Letty looks (and ACTS) like Lucy, and I'm delighted that Argus is producing such lovely daughters. 

PUPDATE!  Just heard about an Argus grandson available to a pet home.  He's just a couple of weeks older than the Arboks, is very well socialized, BAER tested and ready to go.


Tabitha said...

I'd love some info on that Argus grandson. Could you pass my email along?

Anonymous said...

Letty is beautuful! So pretty and well put together for such a young age!