Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Absolutely Nothing In Mind

Although I normally have a topic in mind when I start a blog post, today I have absolutely nothing in mind.  Nothing I feel strongly enough to rant about - except perhaps how the cost of everything has gone up, but my salary has stayed the same.  Why is that?

There was a time when being a state employee was a good thing.  Adequate pay, good benefits, job security.  Pay has not kept pace with the cost of living (and in fact we have had only two very small raises in the past ten years), our benefits become a little "less good" with each new contract, and as we have discovered there really IS no job security.  Now "they" are talking about changing the way we do our sick leave.  Many people "tough it out" when they are sick, allowing their sick leave to accrue so they will have it for a real emergency, or so they can take away some cash (or add it to their health care savings account) when they retire.  Now that may be changed too, as it "costs the state money".  Well, Duh - it does cost the state money to have employees.  One gets tired of being the proverbial whipping boy.

On the other hand, I AM lucky to have a job, even though I do two jobs for the price of one - with no increase in salary, I might add.  But I am not alone in that.  It will be interesting to see how things go if anyone gets sick, or even if anyone takes a long vacation.

Oh, enough grousing.  I don't feel very strongly about that either.  Guess I'll just continue to do my job and keep my head down - and pray that I can afford to continue to live in my house for a few more years.   

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