Thursday, April 26, 2012

All Is Well

Lucy and pups are doing well in Thunder Bay.  Looks as if the litter consists of one black girl, one black boy, and two liver boys.  Since Lucy is a liver factored black, and Indie is a liver, and because liver is a simple recessive, those results are what you would expect (though it doesn't always work out quite so evenly).  Now, if we could change one of the liver boys to a girl everything would be perfectly balanced! Because Lucy's family wants to keep a male to show, this works out well as there are more for them to pick from.  It will be interesting to see if the whole family can agree on just one puppy!

Amery and I went to handling class on Tuesday, to get ready for the shows this weekend and the National the following.  She was a very good girl and worked quite well for me.  It's easy to tell that Laurie did a good job of raising her, and Amery's easy going personality makes her very nice to work with.  Wish this one lived at MY house, but after the National she will go back home with Laurie until we are ready to show her again.

Certainly sounds as if Pauli is pregnant, so everyone who was waiting for a puppy (and was disappointed that Lucy did not have more pups) will have a second chance.  Normally energetic Pauli has already slowed down, and Jess says she is perfectly content to spend most of her time sleeping on a corner of the sofa.  Pauli will be with me next week, while Amery goes back to Jess for a few days before we leave for the National.  Musical dogs again!   After the National Pauli will go back home to Wendy for awhile, but will be back here a few weeks later as her pups will be born at my house.

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