Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As is often the case, a recheck of the pups showed that one of the boys was actually a girl.  Hooray!  3 boys and 1 girl, color still pending.   Pups and Lucy are doing well.  I sent Patti an article on "early neurological stimulation" which is actually just some handling suggestions that helps to insure the pups reach their maximum potential.  Early handling can make a lot of difference.

So much to get done before we leave for the National in 10 days.  How can it be that close?  This coming weekend includes a dog show trip for the girls, with Argus riding along to supervise.  We want Amery to do a dog show trip and get into the showring a couple of times before the National.  We also need to be sure the girls can concentrate when they are in the ring together!  This should be interesting.  Amery and I will go to handling class tonight, for a bit of pre-show practice.  She's stacking for me, but we need some practice on exams and gaiting on a mat.

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