Friday, April 27, 2012

Stop Poisoning Us!

Some angry letters or phone calls scheduled for today!
When I took Amery for her walk last night, we went over to St. Catherine's College as a special treat.  They have a large grassy campus with trees and a pond, which is a nice change of pace for the dogs.  My part of the city has no parks for walking, so many people walk on the various college campuses - we have 3 large ones within a mile or two.   Although we can walk along the river, I don't care to do that in the evening.  Yes, I had Amery on leash and carried clean up bags. 
I ALWAYS watch for lawn spray signs when walking dogs in the city and have noticed a lot of yard signs recently, so I know "they" are busy poisoning the environment. No signs in the normal places at St. Kate's, but a very very faint chemical smell. Was it my imagination?   I checked again, but no signs by either of the gates, where they are normally posted.  Kids play in the center area of the campus, so that's the logical place to post them.
I kept watching for signs, just in case, but none near the pond either.  That's a popular place for families who come to watch and feed the ducks, or admire the egrets and blue heron.  Walked through the woods and out the other side and THERE was a single sign, in a place where no one would have seen it unless they were watching for it and had already hiked across the campus.   The whole center area, where kids play, and people walk their dogs was unposted. Another dog walker and I saw it at the same time and were both extremely angry. 
We raced over to the driveway and got out of there quickly, and Amery got a complete bath when we got home. UGH!

I HATE the wholesale use of chemicals on lawns and I thought it was the law that these companies had to post when they spray!

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