Monday, April 30, 2012

Mission Accomplished

A very nice weekend with daughter Jess, Argus and Argie's granddaughters Merible & Amery.  Weather was crappy but could have been worse, and it only rained Friday night, just cool and gray otherwise.  Show facility was a fairgrounds building, and OK other than being dark and rather cold (an unheated building on concrete).  Motel was outstanding - a Super 8 that actually wanted dog show folks, which is always nice.  Great room with lots of grass for dog walking, and a better than average breakfast that included eggs and sausage.

Amery & I won both days and I think we both learned a lot.  It was her first show weekend, and my first weekend working with her other than one night at dog class - which is always MUCH different than a real show.  Jess selected that weekend for the girls because both judges are extremely nice to dogs (and exhibitors) and we wanted this to be a positive first experience for Amery.  Both judges were terrific with the pups, gave us time to get them stacked, thorough but gentle exams and plenty of gaiting experience.  Meribel was a bit scatty on Saturday but showed exceptionally well on Sunday, much like she did when winning her 5-point Specialty major in March.   Amery stacked well on Saturday, and gaited "well enough", but on Sunday gaited much better.  She was a little scatty on the stacking but her circuits were a bit overloaded as there was a big crowd of dogs at the ring entrance.  Not at all afraid though, just kind of overwhelmed.  Both girls wagged at the judges both days, used their ears, and Meribel got in a kiss or two on Sunday.  Good dogs!  On to DCA.

Lucy and pups seem to be doing well.  The picture is a bit out of focus, but you can see how much the pups have grown!  Patti says they have doubled their weight in the first week.  Two liver boys, one black boy, one black girl.  Trim is coming in fast.  Next hurdle will be hearing.  Pups start to hear at around two weeks of age, but well bred pups are BAER tested (Brainstem evoked auditory response) at 6 - 8 weeks of age.  Patti will probably know their hearing status by 4 or 5 weeks of age (maybe earlier) but the pups will come down here for testing and evaluation. 

So much to get done this week before we can leave for DCA!  At least the car is washed and vacuumed.  Crates get scrubbed tonight, and then I'll start packing.  We don't leave under Friday, but I'll be planning and packing all week - and I will STILL forget important items!

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