Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paul's Back!

Pauli arrived with Jess yesterday noon, and was swapped for Amery.  Musical Dogs continues!  Amery was here so that she and I could bond, since I will be showing her at the National.  Amery is back with Jess & Don this week so that Jess can put the final touches on her show training, and so Don can enjoy her for awhile before she goes back to Laurie in Virginia after the National.  Pauli is going along to the National too, and will hopefully be having a litter here this summer, but she normally lives with Wendy.

I raised Pauli, and Jess finished her championship, but then she moved to Wendy's house to continue her show career.  Pauli is a multiple Group winner, an all breed Best In Show Winner, and placed in the Top 10 Dals for a couple of years.  She's 4 years old now and it's time for her to have her first litter.  After a year of considering dozens (hundreds?) of dogs, we finally decided on Louie - who had actually been one of our first choices!  Puppies due in June.

Pauli is high energy, very outgoing and super friendly.  She gets along with all dogs, all people, and is very fond of children.  Louie is a mild mannered, sweet tempered, gentle dog, very much the gentleman.  It will be interesting to see who the pups take after in personality. Probably a mixture of personalities and activity levels, as is typical of Dalmatian litters.  It's my job as a breeder to identify the various personalities, and evaluate each pup's potential, and to place them in the appropriate homes.  Some as show prospects, perhaps some to performance homes, and some to live simply as beloved companions - although most show and performance dogs are also companions when they are not performing!

Pauli playing submissive for Letty, who really just wants to play.  Pauli flung herself on her back for each of the other dogs, wiggled and squirmed and kissed their faces, placating and submissive behavior appropriate for dogs who are coming into "territory" occupied by other dogs, and very wolf-like behavior.  Everyone here said, "Whatever" and accepted her immediately, even though Pauli has been gone for several years.  I was so proud of all the dogs and love the fact that they have such terrific "social skills" when dealing with other dogs.

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