Thursday, May 3, 2012

And The Countdown Begins

By this time tomorrow we will be just a few hours from departure.  IF I get everything done that needs to be done before I can leave!  And IF I can get everything in the car!

  • Two women
  • Four dogs
  • Four wire crates (one collapsed with the two youngsters riding together)
  • Two large suitcases
  • Two packed garment bags
  • Two soft crates - folded down.
  • A large cooler full of frozen food for three of the dogs
  • A bag of Pro Plan kibble for Pauli
  • 4 water jugs
  • The Toy Bag - motel room toys
  • A large sun tarp and magnets (to keep the car cooler when parked)
  • People food
  • Dog supply bag
  • Dog tack bag
  • Jackets and raincoats
  • Sheets (to put over the motel room beds) and towels (dog towels)
  • An assortment of smaller items

OK, what am I forgetting???

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