Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back To Puppies

Now that the dust has settled so to speak, it's time to start thinking about puppies and puppy placements.  Lucy's pups are thriving, Patti is quite sure that they all hear, and they have an appointment (down here) for their BAER hearing testing on June 23rd. All responsible breeders BAER test their pups, if only to confirm with they already know.  Then the pups will be ready for new homes.  Time to start going through my puppy list!

Because the puppies do not live with me (they are in Thunder Bay), I won't actually know if any are show prospects until I see and evaluate them.  The Pellas will presumably keep the pick puppy, but I think they are hoping Jordyn, the only girl is the pick - while trying to stay objective.  Patti actually thinks Magic, one of the boys is probably the pick pup, so we'll see how this all plays out!  I'd like them to keep the best puppy, but as long as the pup they keep is show potential, they will be OK.  Dog shows are a family affair for them, with daughter Grace doing the handling at Canadian shows.

Second pick belongs to me, but unless it's a top show prospect I will probably sell my puppy.  Maybe.  I LOVE Brownie Boys and am ready for a puppy.  I have Pauli's pups to look forward to, but may not even get any brownies in that litter (we don't know if sire Louie is liver factored).

So as of now we probably have three liver boys available.  Our livers are normally dark chocolate brown, sometimes with a coppery hue.  Just gorgeous!  Some puppy buyers think they only want a black-spotted pup - until they see one of our liver pups, or meet the liver adults.  Coral, Josie, Argus & Letty are all livers, Watson is the only black-spotted Dal living here.

There was a time when livers were sort of "second class citizens", but not anymore!  Again this year at the National, Best of Breed, Best of Winners, & Best of Opposite Sex were ALL brownies, as they were the year Argus won Best of Breed.  "Meribel" pictured on the right was the Best Of Winners.

It's time for me to see who is ready for a puppy in June, and who wants to wait until August for a Pauli puppy.

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