Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Home For Letty

Letty leading the pack

Although I decided several months ago that I would not show Letty and would place her as a companion, I haven't actually done anything to speed up the process.  Part of me (the sentimental part) wants to keep Letty because we really enjoy her and because she is an excellent "fit" for my home, but the other part (the practical part) keeps reminding me that we do not need another pet.  Coral, Watson, and Josie are retired show dogs and beloved pets, and Argus is semi-retired as well.  I want/need a young dog, but it has to be a dog I can show and eventually breed, and because Lucy has pups (one belongs to me) and Pauli has a litter due in June, perhaps the right pup to keep will make an appearance this summer.

Letty is a wonderful dog.  Smart as can be, an excellent house dog and companion, fun to take places, and lovely to look at.  If she did not carry her tail so high she'd also be a good show dog, but that's not going to happen, and because these funky high tails are genetic in nature I won't breed her either.  Tails may seem like a minor issue, but bad tails are a problem in the breed and one I am very tired of looking at.  They change the whole outline of the dog and are common because we either make excuses for them (they don't move on their tails) or we just ignore them.  I knew from the age of 4 weeks that Letty's tail might be an issue, and it is.  Although her jaunty tail goes well with her cocky attitude, it's not correct.  She's definitely "showable", but not what I consider show quality.  Ah, another topic for my blog - the difference between showable and show quality.

To insure that Letty would make a good adjustment to being a companion and only dog, I asked a friend of ours to take Letty walking, and to expose her to new places and situation.  Letty has visited shopping centers, pet stores, private homes, state parks and dog parks, met a variety of people and played with many new dogs.  Sue has done a terrific job with her and Letty is thriving with the extra attention.  Sue will really miss Letty when she goes to a new home, but lives in an apartment where she can't keep a dog.

I'm currently discussing Letty with a home that might work out.  We'll see how the interview goes.  It has to be a special home for Miss Letty, who is a very special dog.  Part of me wants this home to be the right one, while another part of me hopes it's not so I don't have to make the decision quite yet, so we'll just see how this goes.

If YOU might have that Special home for my Letty, don't hesitate to contact me.

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