Friday, May 18, 2012

A Scare

Patti had a scare when she first  thought that all three of Lucy's liver boys had blue eyes!  Once I had explained to her how to tell the difference between actual blue eyes and the hazy bluish eyes that will turn into gold eyes, she realized there were actually no blue eyes.  Although we can show blues in the US, they are considered a serious fault in Canada, so Canadian breeders are much more concerned to have blue eyed pups in their litters.  Whew!

It hard to be responsible for placing pups that I have not seen yet!  Wish I lived closer so I could visit Lucy's litter and get to know them now - four weeks is such a great age.  I know all four are healthy and strong, are getting LOTS of socialization, appear to have lovely spotting, that all of them hear (thank goodness), and that none are patched or blue-eyed.  One boy has nose and eye trim that needs to fill in and another still needs some nose trim - typical of liver pups at this age. The black spotted girl Jordyn and one of the liver boys Magic look particularly nice.

The pups are scheduled for their BAER hearing test on 6/23 and after that will be ready to go to new homes. We had hoped to have the pups here sooner, but the 23rd was the only day we could get them in for testing.  The Pella family might as well enjoy them for a couple more weeks!  The original plan was to do their first shots and vet check when the pups came to stay with me, but now they will have to be done in Thunder Bay.

When the pups come to stay we will determine which is the pick puppy and it will go home with the Pellas as a potential show dog.  Dog showing is a family hobby for them.  The second pick puppy will belong to me, to keep or sell.  Of course I love liver boys, so it will be hard NOT to keep one, but it has to be just the right dog.  The others will be placed, either as show prospects or companions, most likely the latter.

Pauli's pups will already be about two weeks old by the time Lucy's pups arrive, so things will be really busy!   I was hoping to avoid the overlap in pups here, but Lucy came in season later than anticipated and Pauli was right on schedule.  It should be a busy summer here!


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