Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Official! Letty Has A Home.

An email from Letty's new dad to ask if we could complete the "adoption process".  Letty went to her  new home on approval, as it's very important to me that a dog should be just the right fit for its new home.  Placing pups and rescue dogs is not quite the same as placing a well-loved young adult.  Letty was already 11 months old and had a very distinct personality - and lots of it.  I needed to be sure that the home she went to could appreciate how special she was. 

Skip writes -

I think we have passed the last "cat" problem. Fritz, the Rag-Doll, has finally been comfortable enough to come out of hiding and rejoin the family. Fritz and Letty have finally had enough face to face  encounters to realize they can co-exist in the same space. They have  actually had numerous times when they have passed within a couple of  feet of each other without any "big deal." Life is good....

We continue to make at least one trip a day to the Airport park to  allow for a long run Most days she also gets a long walk on leash along Lake Hiawatha or Minnehaha Creek and a second run at the dog  park. Yes, she loves to splash in water. She is one sweet dog !

With your permission , we would like to make her a permanent member of this family. We took a vote and it was unanimous, (with one "Fritz" abstention.)

I read that with a smile.  Although I have placed a lot of dogs in my 40+ years in Dalmatians.  Letty was one of my very favorites, but I am not in a position where I can keep an "extra" dog, one that I don't plan to show.  I've got the "old timers", but by the time their show and breeding careers were over they were already middle-aged and part of our family.  Although Letty was definitely a beloved member of our family, she had her whole life ahead of her, and so much to offer as a companion. I wanted her to be someone's "special dog".  There is no way I could give her all the time and attention that she will get in her new home.  A Special Dog and a Special Family!  A perfect match.

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