Friday, June 22, 2012

Up In The Air

Plans for the weekend are still up in the air.  It all depends on whether or not Patti & Grace can navigate through the storm damaged North Shore and the city of Duluth.  Once they get through Duluth the driving should be fine as the freeway is no longer under water.  Traveling with 4 - 9 week old bored pups is not easy, and anything more than the normal 6 hours will be way too much for them.  Fortunately, they are very used to traveling.  BAER testing is scheduled for tomorrow AM in Rochester.  If we can't make the appointment, we will have to settle for "home testing".  We know the pups all hear, just have to determine if any are unis (dogs that hear in one ear).  Unis make perfectly satisfactory pets, and can be shown too, but we want to know their hearing status before they are placed.  We do BAER testing just to confirm what we already know.

Josie celebrated her 9th birthday with a walk in Hidden Falls Park, and a round of ice cream with her housemates.  Josie is a super sweet dog, still incredibly playful.  The floppy Frisbee is her favorite toy and she LOVES to catch it.  Josie does not care to ride in the car, never has, but I'm going to get her used to it again so our friend Sue can take her on hikes.  Ron walks Josie everyday, but she'd really appreciate going faster and further, and Sue misses having Letty to walk.  Not sure Josie is Dog Park material as she is not interested in other dogs, but she's not aggressive with them so might enjoy it during off hours when the park is not packed with obnoxious young dogs. 

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