Thursday, June 14, 2012

Letty Update

Because everyone has been asking how Letty is doing, I thought I would share Skip's observations.  I think Letty has it made.  (I love the story about Letty & Tigger the cat.)

Letty is truly fitting in well.  She finally had a romp with Mickey,the Jack Russell late this morning, but the heat of day limited it to about ten minutes. We will try the dog park early tomorrow morning when few people will be there and try it off leash. They had a good chase for the short time.

The cat scene is definitely improving. Tigger, the very smart calico, played mind games with Kelley the last four or so years of her life.  She would lay in front of a door opening that she knew the dog wanted to use, "saying, I dare you to walk by me". Fearing she would be cat swatted, Kelley would whimper until rescued. Tigger must have been very surprised when Letty jumped about two feet over the cat's head and on her way. Tigger immediately sulked away to talk with her consultants about a new plan of action. Actually they have been sleeping next to each other this afternoon.

Letty and grand-daughter Laura also had another good exchange yesterday. Letty is boisterous in her affection toward us, but then she went up to Laura and so gently licked her nose and fingers for
about half a minute. How does she sense that such a change of affection is the needed way toward this tiny person? I thought of the last line of my all-time favorite movie, Casablanca. "this could be
the start of a beautiful friendship."

We did the first off- leash run at the Airport this morning and it was an unqualified success. We went at 6:30 when the population of dogs would be less of a problem. There were about ten or so dogs of
which only three were a mph challenge. Letty was able to catch them, but when they tried the chase
were no match after a time. What a blur. It was so enjoyable to see such grace -in-motion. We had treats along and called for her to come. She did so. When far enough away to not get a response, a good loud "whistle between my teeth" always brought her running back. A plastic bag of chicken pieces that she realized I had on me, was great motivation ! I so missed the speed and grace of Kelley in her prime, that seeing it again brought tears to my eyes.

We are going again tomorrow morning. ( Later, Anne, Laura, and Lucinda took her for a walk around the golf course and she was very active again.) She was "crazy" when she got home for a short time.
The eye-lids became very droopy and sleep took over for a good nap!)

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