Monday, June 11, 2012

A Visit To Grandma's

A very full weekend that included a visit to my mother's after Argus & I did the Dog Park.  He loves to visit his Grandma, and is always very gentle with her. He's such a lively silly boy otherwise, but always a perfect gentleman at mom's.

My brother arrived from Costa Rica late Saturday and is staying with mom, so it was nice to have a chance to chat with him too.  Al comes once a year to visit family and friends, and shop for things he can't find at home or can buy more affordably here.  We'll be getting together to celebrate mom's 88th birthday later this week.

Jess & Meribel went off to the Chicago Specialty and had another terrific weekend.  Just went Reserve at the first show (still good, with a pup) but at the second show she went Winner's Bitch for 4 more points, and Best In Sweepstakes as well.  Meribel now has 14 of the 15 points she needs for her championship, and Jess is trying to decide where to show her next.  Because Meribel has such a super record in only 4 show weekends, Jess would like to finish her with another special win, not at some little podunk show, but the panels coming up this summer are pretty grim.  Perhaps they will have to wait until fall for another show.

Letty continues to do fine in her new home - a funny Letty story tomorrow.

Pups are also thriving, but I'm a bit concerned that Pauli is not eating better.  She's not eaten well since the pups were whelped, but has eaten "enough" when bribed with things other than her regular dog food.  You can't make milk if you don't eat well though.   Pups pay a visit to the vet today to get their dewclaws removed, and Pauli may go along too, just to have things checked out.  No signs of any problem other than lack of appetite.  I always wonder if bitches get sick to their stomachs from cleaning their pups!  And she is keeping them clean.

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