Friday, June 15, 2012


Yesterday's posting had a record number of views because I posted the link to Facebook.  Because of all the beautiful pictures of Letty on Facebook, many people felt as if they "knew" her, and were concerned  about how she was doing in her new home. They too were pleased that everything seems to be going well.

Pauli and pups are doing great.  After a couple of scary days earlier in the week, she's bounced back perfectly.  She'll stay on antibiotics for the full 14 days, but is doing wonderfully well now.  Presumably all the manipulating required to remove the dead, out-of-position puppy during whelping was the cause, but of course there is no way to tell, nor does it matter.  It only matters that both Pauli and the pups are thriving now. 

At one week of age the pups have doubled in size, nose trim is almost complete, rims look good, and spots are just beginning to come through.  It appears that the patched puppy will be the most colorful, but he also has a bit thinner coat than the others so it's easier to see the body spotting on him.   Most of the pups are like little woolly bears, so it will be a few days before the spotting patterns become evident. Interestingly, all of the pups have open marked faces, with just a few freckles, less face spotting than either Pauli or Louie, and more like their grandparents.

By next Friday we'll have started hearing testing.  Hopefully they all respond quickly, so I can stop worrying and just enjoy the pups.  Once I know they hear, they will get named.

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