Thursday, October 25, 2012

Better Than Good

Thanks to everyone who expressed concern about the lack of a blog post yesterday.  Nope, none of the things I was worrying about actually happened, at least not yet.  Things are fine here, but not so terrific that it makes me nervous.   If things are going too well, I tend to think, "Gosh, this can't last.  Something bad is sure to happen".  Need to be like my dogs and live for the moment!

This morning is off to a terrific start - RAIN!  Over 3/4 of an inch, the first decent rainfall in 4 months.  This is more than our total rainfall for the past 4 months.  Thank you Mother Nature, keep the precipitation coming, preferably in liquid form.

Dogs were good about going out in the downpour, even Coral, although Watson The Little Prince was less than impressed.  Holly was the exception and informed me that she did not do rain.  My call, Holly.  I dragged her out to the dog yard where she grudgingly complied, while giving me hurt looks about my abusive behavior.

Fern went to Jess's for a bath and nail clipping last week and came back looking pristine.  She's kind of gangly right now, all legs and no body, but with lots of bone and good sized feet.  Her face has always been cute and her head is improving, Very dark eyes, cute heart-shaped nose, and an excellent bite. She still has the things I really liked on her as a baby, including a very nice outline with a level back, flat croup and good tail set, things hard to find in this breed.  She has a huge long side gait - when she can collect herself - and should look very good going around a large show ring - if I can keep up!

Because she is a very intense dog, Fern sometimes still startles and barks at novel things, so needs to continue with the socialization.  Can't leave her sitting at home, but it will be a lot easier to get her out when/if my splint comes off next week.  Both she and Argus will go back to obedience classes then, Argus to get ready to show in obedience nest year, and Fern just for the manners and socialization.

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