Friday, October 26, 2012

Starting To Show

Holly is doing well, and is starting to LOOK pregnant, getting wider and a bit rounder of belly.  She sure ACTS pregnant, very "squishy" and needy.  If I raise my voice at Fernly, Holly his the deck and says, "It wasn't me!"  She's hungrier now too, not leaving food in her bowl for later.  Walking her is much easier as she's much less inclined to drag me after squirrels and bunnies.  She certainly fits in well here, and is accepted as one of the gang.

Fernly started to learn the treadmill last night, not because I plan to run her on it yet, but because learning to use it will be a confidence builder.  When I first turned it on she barked at it - Fern's typical response to new things.  I brought Argus down to run on it for awhile and Fern decided that if it meant treats it was not all bad.  Soon she was walking on the treadmill with Argus, sharing bits of chicken.  Tonight she does it herself, just walking up and on the ramp for treats.  We'll work for a few minutes every night and before long she will probably enjoy it as much as Argus and Pauli do.  Have not had a Dal who was a startle-barker before, or at least not in a long time.  It's common in many other breeds, but not something I expect to see in Dal pups - but each dog is different, of course.

Fish Club Auction tomorrow - can't wait!

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