Thursday, January 17, 2013

And Then There Were Four.

Delta Dash and Mother Nature cooperated yesterday and three pups are safe in their new homes.  If the forecast is correct, another will leave Friday and the fifth will be picked up on Saturday.  Because Fern stayed overnight with Jessica who will be taking her to handling classes today, my house was EMPTY with only three adult dogs and four puppies.  Hectic by many people's standards, very quiet and peaceful by mine.  Especially recently!

It will be interesting to see how Melitta does now that her zippy sisters Britt and Sanka are gone.  Melitta always seems to get lost in the crowd because she's not as loud, active or pushy as some of the others.  She's the most cautious of the pups, not timid but careful about stressful situations - such as being tackled by Fernly.  Her brother Max charges in to all situations, while Melitta stops to think about it first.  My Rob was like that, and had a perfect temperament, so am assuming that Melitta is like Rob was.  Rather ironic that she acts like Rob, since she also looks a great deal like a Rob kid, right down the the "crabby face" so many of them had.

Once we're down to two pups, I'll be able to start crate training, house training and show training these two, plus there's puppy class to attend.  They'll also go to visit Jess, together at first, then separately.  When raising two pups together, it's really important that they are separated as much as possible, sleeping in their own crates, going places on their own, and attending different puppy classes if possible.  

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