Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Off to the vets for health certificates for four pups.  Weather still looks good for tomorrow, so hopefully Sanka, Britt and Folgers will be heading to their new news homes.  Vittoria won't be leaving quite yet, but might as well get hers taken care of too.  Pups up and cleaned, all dogs need breakfast, I still have to shower and do my hair, warm up the car and drive half an hour for a 8:00 appointment.  Trying to minimize the vacation time I have to take this week.

Also have to recheck with Delta as the person who took the shipping reservations sounded new and I need to be sure the reservations are correct.  If we miss tomorrow, it will be some time before it will be warm enough to ship again.  Not sure I can deal with 7 pups for another two weeks!  Gevalia goes this weekend too, so I'll be down to three - I hope!

Puppy baths tonight - the little paper shredders are a bit dingy. 

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