Monday, January 14, 2013

Count Down

Pups had more company on Saturday, as we did an interview with a family who used to own a Dal.  The pups got to meet another child, and put on a lively show for the family.  It was easier when the pups would tire after 10 or 15 minutes and fall asleep on laps.  Now after an hour of playtime in the family room they are still going strong.   At least they don't pee every 5 or 10 minutes anymore!

It was too cold for the pups to go outdoors, or at least to play outdoors. They could have done it, and would have done it had I been ready to start housetraining, but there was no real need for that yet.  They ran around the basement for a couple of hours each day to burn off some energy.  I thought the basement was pretty much puppy proofed by now, but had forgotten about he pieces of styrofoam wedged behind the laundry tub.  The pups found it, and scratched it into tiny pieces.  It probably felt just like the dirt they would be perfecting their digging skills in if this were summer.  What a mess!  Bits of styro everywhere!  They also found a bag of aquarium sand, and that was mixed in with the styro bits as well.  Am sure they had a wonderful time.  I cleaned the basement after they were back in their pen - wonder what they will find to get into today?

The pups perfected running on the treadmill and I got some cute video of it.  Amazing how quickly they caught on, and how much they enjoyed it.  Now when I let them into the back room of of the basement they climb on the machine and wait for me to turn it on.  Gevalia likes it the most, with Max and Sanka not far behind.  Even Melitta who is the softest of the seven enjoys the treadmill.

Wednesday is (as of NOW) supposed to be warm enough for shipping, so this will be a very busy week for me as I have to get the pups in for health certificates, get their paperwork together, pick up one more small crate, and probably take Wednesday off work so we can get shipping taken care of.  Please Mother Nature, don't change your mind and mess around with the weather!

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