Friday, January 11, 2013

Good Bye, My Friend

Holly is home, back in Texas where she normally lives.  On a ranch with lots of other dogs, at least one cat, and a variety of hooved critters too.  Jana sent pictures of Holly from the airport, standing up to give her kisses in typical Holly fashion.  Holly is the kind of dog who is happy wherever she is, friendly, confident & secure, loves people, assumes everyone is her friend, and  interested in everything around her.  She's a little stubborn, but also a little soft, so she's very easy to manage, and tries hard to do things right.  She was enthusiastic enough to be a good show dog, but mild enough to be an excellent pet.  Just the right combination of personality traits, and just the way I think a Dalmatian girl should be. Certainly the way I want my companion puppies to be.

Shipping went well, and the folks at American were easy to work with.  Check in was a bit slow as a new person was being trained in, but everyone was nice.  We wheeled Holly in her crate up to the TSA counter, where her crate went through the machine, and Holly jumped up on the TSA folks who didn't mind a little dog hair.  Thank goodness.  Being a short haired dog she did not have to be "frisked".  Argus actually got a "pat down" when he went to Westminister.  Drugs in his armpits?

The pups continue to do well as I try to find things to keep them busy and expand their minds.  Yesterday everyone got to go outside together, and they did very well, racing up and down and path and around the dog yard.  Their favorite place is the deck, so they played there for awhile as well before coming indoors.  It will be warm enough again today for some outdoor adventures, but then the cold will hit.  I'll take them out one or two at a time, as they will need to be used to outdoors for housetraining, but they'll have to get their playtime in the house.  Fortunately they do not pee every 5 minutes now, so that's a bit easier.  Max and Melitta will start to learn the basics of housetraining, but it's not possible to do a whole litter.  I'm neither strong enough nor fast enough to catch each pup and get it outside in time.  Their new owners can work on that.

No company scheduled for this weekend, though I may do an interview for Gevalia, and will undoubted end up with additional visitors.  The pups will work on learning the treadmill and I'll try for pictures.

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