Thursday, January 10, 2013

Toddler Time

It's important that pups meet as many different people as possible, people of all ages and all sizes, and especially lots of children.  So far the pups had met 43 different people, from old to young, but no toddlers.  Last night Laura came to visit and we filled in that gap.  Laura is a very good natured little girl, granddaughter of the family that owns Letty, and she managed the pups very well.  The pups enjoyed sniffing her and nibbling, but if Laura fell down she got "rescued" before the pups all descended on her in a mass which would have too overwhelming, AND some of my sweet babies are turning into sharks - what we call the Ankle Biter Stage.

Before last night the pups would come upstairs full of energy and gradually wind down.  Last night they didn't happen, and they had endless energy.  They went out on the deck to run around too, but when they went back downstairs they were still ready to play.  Today will also be warm and the pups will go outdoors again, but Friday may rain, and then the cold will hit.  Not very good weather for puppies to play outdoors.  I'll have to figure out some other way to amuse them.  Anyone want puppy visitors?

Holly leaves for home today, assuming all goes well with the airline.  Tomorrow will be her last chance for awhile, so hopefully things go smoothly.  Once the cold air settles in, who knows when she will be able to depart.  Pups got moved to a new crate, since they had Holly's shipping crate in their pen.

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