Monday, January 7, 2013

Just Five More Minutes

Dogs are all standing there watching me, wondering when I am going to feed them.  Just five more minutes, OK?  Because I rarely blog on weekends, I really need to update things today as so much is happening!

Pups are 7 weeks old, actually old enough to go to new homes although I prefer to wait until 8 weeks if possible.  With this group, because most of them will be shipped, it will actually be longer.  Because it has to be warm enough on both ends, and because 2 pups are going east, and 1 to Canada, we have to work around the weather.  Some of the pups will be staying a bit longer, but hopefully not too much longer as they are getting to be a lot of work!  Looking forward to the time when only Max and Melitta remain.

Everyone is doing great and the litter continues to please me.  Pups are truly gorgeous, and temperaments are absolutely lovely.  BAER testing went well, with 6 of the 7 pups testing as bilateral, and a uni that I knew was a uni.  No one gets carsick which is a very good thing so the pups are easy to travel with.

Pups are being promised to their new owners now, with only one undecided as I wait to see which of two homes will end up with Gevalia.  That decision will hopefully be made by this evening, and she will probably be the first pup to leave.  We still have people who want to visit the litter which will be fine since most of the pups will still be here for at least another week.  Maybe even another month - horrors!  I love them, and have really enjoyed this litter, but I sure could use a break.

Two Puppy Parties over the weekend, one Friday evening and one Sunday evening.  The pups can be counted on to put on quite a show!

Dog shows this weekend too, and Gemma got her first two points, handled by Jess.  Gemma is a beauty and we expect her to do well at the spring specialties.  Had the pleasure of seeing a new Special too, a handsome and sound young dog with gorgeous spotting, a fantastic disposition, AND a perfect (and natural) tail.  I'm predicting this dog will have a wonderful show career.

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