Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time For Holly To Go Home

Time for Holly to go home.  The pups are totally weaned, the weather is warm enough for shipping, and I could do with one less dog underfoot right now.   She's been such a good guest, very sweet and friendly, and gets along with everyone.  I'm very pleased with her puppies, and grateful her owner let Holly come to Minnesota to be bred to Argus.  She'll go back to Jana, to live on the ranch in Texas with her Beagle buddies to run with and a pond for swimming.  Ron will miss her a lot, as Holly was a very good sofa dog.  Josie will be glad to see Holly go, so she can reclaim her spot on the sofa with Ron!

Puppy people are making me crazy as I try to find the right home for Gevalia.  Despite my long list of potential pet homes, this is turning out to be a marathon.  The thing that is most annoying is that I told so many people that she was not available and she might still be available after all.  An interview with "creepy" people was the final straw, as I had a feeling they didn't even like dogs, especially not dogs that shed hair and jump on people. I want my puppies to live in homes with families, and to be part of that family.  Dogs are not something you add because you think you should have a nice looking dog to go with your nice looking home.  Dogs need your time too, and Dals as a breed want lots of your time.  If you don't have time to spend with a dog, please don't get a dog.  Of any breed.

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