Monday, January 21, 2013

Just Mine!

Down to only two pups - just mine.  We did it!  Raised a happy healthy litter of well adjusted pups and placed them in wonderful homes.  Whew . . .   It was a ton of work, but well worth it.  The pups all seem to have settled in well, the new owners seem to be delighted with the pups, and I'm very happy with Max and Melitta, who will be keeping their litter names.  Am always a bit sad when new owners change the litter names, because to ME that pup will always be the name I gave it as a baby.  I thought the names for this litter were outstanding, but only Britt may keep her name, and I'm not even sure about her.  That's really the only downer, and a pretty minor one, I guess.  

We're selecting the registered names now, so I can do the AKC whole-litter option complete with names. Then all we have to do is transfer the pups to the new owners. This insures that each pup gets individually registered - so often new owners never send in the paperwork for individual registration.

So Sanka will be Piper, Folgers will be Gelert (a dog in mythology, like his dad Argus),  Gevalia will be Lucy, and Vittoria will be LuLu.  We'll see about Britt.  But to me, they will always be the coffee babies.

I spent some time on Saturday, trying to make things right with Argus who was feeling very neglected.  We went to the dog park, stopped to visit Grandma (he told her all his problems), and stopped for a cheeseburger on the way home.  Guess he gets another cheeseburger today as his daughter Weather (sister to Letty) finished her Championship yesterday.  Such a pretty girl Weather is, and with her father's happy outgoing personality.

Later Saturday, Fernly went to her obedience class, where she graduated.  She got a lot out of the class and it was well worth the time and expense.  I won't sign her up for the next level as she'll probably be coming in season soon, and she also needs to start attending show handling classes.  Fernly is looking good now, and acting somewhat more sensible.  Time to practice being a show dog!

Last night I ground and froze veggies to be mixed with ground turkey for the dogs' breakfasts.  Today I will be doing water changes on the poor neglected fishes.  Basement is cleaned up and scrubbed, paper work getting caught up on as well.  Trying to accomplish all the things that got put on hold while I was raising the puppies!


Helen said...

That's a great picture of Argus crying on his Grandma's shoulder. I'm sure he felt better for it.

Unknown said...

When are the next group of puppies due? They are beautiful!