Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twice As Bad

What was I thinking?  Did I truly think I could raise two Dalmatian pups to be good citizens?  Not sure I will have enough patience when one of them has Very Bad Dog potential!   They sure are cute though!

Although they are still in their pen (more on that later), they need to come upstairs for crate training pretty soon, and they need to be housetrained of course.  Ron isn't always on top of getting them outdoors in time, especially in the winter, and with two pups to deal with, timing is everything.  I thought perhaps we could use puppy pads too, so the pups could use the tray when Ron didn't get them outdoors in time.  Maybe not.  At least not unless I can explain to the pups that the tray is for peeing, not for shredding.

Then there is the issue of the pen itself, since Maxwell has started to climb out when he's bored, leaving his sister shrieking behind him.  If I'm home I can dash down and put him back in, but if I'm not there he has time to get into mischief.  This is what I came home to yesterday!  Glad my camera was handy.  He had climbed out of the pen, climbed up on the crate with the blankets, and fallen into the trash barrel.  He must have been sleeping there, as he appeared to just be waking up when I arrived, giving me time to snap the picture.

Tonight we will bring in the tall exercise pen and try to puppy proof it.  The key word is TRY.

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