Thursday, January 24, 2013

Poor Watty

Doesn't seem fair, somehow.  Watson is absolutely the sweetest, most mild-mannered of dogs, and deserves better.  He's had a rough winter.  First it was a huge hematoma on his ear that had to be emptied and a drain inserted.  He never fussed about it, never tried to remove the drain, and it appeared to be healing properly.

Then he broke a small bone in his foot.  Somehow. Not a serious break, but it had to be protected so it could heal.  Although Watson will be 13 in May, he's very healthy for his age, and we wanted him to be sound on that foot, as well as comfortable.  So he was fitted with a splint to wear for 6 weeks.  Again, he never fusses about the splint, never tries to remove the wrapping, never objects to Glad Wrap on the splint when he goes outdoors.  Fortunately, other than a bit of initial curiosity, the other dogs never bother it either.

Last weekend, Watson started to develop a new hematoma in the same spot.  The drain had been removed, the incision healed over, and fluid started to build up again.  So far it's stayed relatively small and we are just watching it.  I won't put him through surgery again if I can avoid it.

Then the splint malfunctioned.  First there was a sharp piece we could feel along the back of the wrappng and by the next morning the whole thing had shifted.  A trip to the Vet showed the splint had broken, the plastic piece along the back of his leg shattered.  How did that happen?  Defect?  He never does steps without someone holding his color, takes only short walks always on leash, and doesn't do ANYTHING wild and crazy.  How did it break?  Am NOT at all happy about that.

His foot is rewrapped now and should continue to heal properly as the plastic part was still protecting the broken area.  His ear got rechecked and we discussed possible options including just watching it unless it starts to get really large again.  Watson handled everything with patience and cooperation, as always.  Unlike most of my boys he has never enjoyed going to the Vet, and has decided he does NOT want to go back again for awhile.  He like Dr. Amy a lot, but is getting tired of seeing her so often.

Fingers crossed for my sweet boy.

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