Monday, October 21, 2013

Last Peaceful Weekend For Awhile

My last peaceful weekend for awhile, I suspect.  Nena arrives tonight to get settled in for a week before the pups are due.  She knows us and knows the resident dogs, but it will still be a culture shock for her.  Fern will be determined to engage Nena in play, but I doubt she'll have much interest.  Argus and Max will want to sniff her everywhere which will be aggravating for her, while Josie and Watson will just say Hi and climb back up on the sofa.  Nena will demand sofa space with Ron in the evening, so Fern will have to share her spot.

Basement is all scrubbed down, and the puppy pen and whelping box will go up tonight.  Max will be sorry that his training area has been taken over and his tunnel put away for now.  His favorite game is chasing tennis balls through the tunnel - his reward after we practice his obedience training. 

Argus probably deserves another cheeseburger as his kids had a fantastic weekend with Brit and Piper getting their first points, Mellie and Bert picking up 7 more points, and baby Will winning several times too.  Mellie has 14 points and both majors, so Jana pulled her on Sunday - because she's finishing too fast!  She's done so well, and we'd like her to get to a few more shows before she's done.  I'm not showing Max at any of the upcoming small shows either as I'd like to finish him in the spring at bigger shows.  So pleased with how well the Argus/Holly kids have been doing!

Josie went coursing with her friend Sue on Sunday and picked about another CA leg.  Because she's already 10+ I'm not sure if she'll be running next year, but as long as she stays sound it's possible.  Both Josie and Sue really enjoy the sport.  Josie also went to a Halloween Party, dressed as a cheerleader - she leads an interesting double life as Sue takes her interesting places.

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