Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nena Joins The Family

That's Nena on the right, watching Fern and Max wrestling on the rug.  They have invited her to join in, but she's trying to be dignified.  The introductions went well, and the dogs are all getting along fine.  Nena slept in the kitchen last night, but I'll introduce her to the basement tonight where the puppies will be raised and she can have some privacy.

I was pleased that introductions went so smoothly, but all my dogs have good social skills and have been raised to accept dogs coming and going.  I hate dog to dog aggression, and raise my dogs to be accepting of other dogs.  It's something that I select for in my breeding plans too, as it is partially genetic.  Show dogs, performance dogs, and companion dogs all need to get along with other dogs.

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