Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Such A Good Girl

Nena is doing well here, seems to be settled in and happy.  Stephanie has done a great job of raising Nena who has lovely manners and fits in well.  She's quiet, easy to walk, very good in a crate, respects the doggy gate, and does not steal from the counters or the trash.  Because she's absolutely ravenous right now, I'm particularly pleased she is not counter surfing.  I don't tolerate that from my own dogs, but many of our doggy visitors don't have such good manners!

Tonight I will put the whelping area together for Nena.  I'll lay papers, set up the whelping box, put up the pen around the box and put up the heat lamp for extra warmth.  Nena can sleep downstairs tonight, so she will be comfortable there when the puppies start arriving.  Yes, I will be with her when she whelps!  My dogs never whelp unsupervised!

Just checked to see if there is a cut off date for the Futurity.  Because I am judging the Dalmatian National in 2014, any pups I breed can not be shown in the Futurity that year.  If this litter would be eligible for the 2015 National I will go ahead and nominate the litter.  I suspect they will be 2014 pups, but I just sent an email to the Futurity Chair to find out for sure.

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