Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Days All Run Together

How do retired people remember the date and the day of the week?  I find that the days tend to run together right now.  Perhaps the morning paper, or the morning news checks on the Internet provide the necessary clues?  Or do people check off days on the calendar, or tear off a page in the 365 day calendar every morning?  It's definitely a weird sensation not to have my life based on which days are spent at the office!

But my freedom will probably be ending soon, assuming the Special Session is called and results in a budget that is reluctantly agreed upon by both parties.  No one is happy with it, but something has to give.  Three weeks will be enough time to be out, and I will always remember it as my "practice retirement".

Six days old
The litter Arboks are doing well and growing like mad.  Spots are starting to show up on the most colorful boy, and the nose trim is moving quickly.  Trim on the blacks is complete, and one of the liver girls is almost complete, while the second liver girl has about 2/3 of her nose trim in.  Hard to tell on eye rims until the eyes actually open, but the rims have color on the inside corners (the slowest part to finish), and a significant amount elsewhere. 

Black spotted boy (l) liver spotted girl (r)
The most colorful boy has heavily spotted ears and the most face spotting, but his body does not appear to be overly dark at this stage.  He has the shortest coat so his spotting is showing through before the others.  The other black-spotted boys have nice (shadowy) patterns, and one has especially cute face markings.  Harder to tell about the girls as liver markings are a bit slower to show through, and both have very thick coats.  Neither has the old-fashioned "livery" markings with speckled faces and smaller spots though.  Argus's liver kids normally have large, bold, distinct spotting and open-marked faces.  Fingers crossed!

Weather is Oh So Hot here right now, and far more humid than we are used to.  Or at least used to be used to.  Our weather patterns have changed so much it's hard to know what is normal.  Anyone who does not believe in "climate change" has their head in the sand.

Cooling off in Lake Como
Four inches of rain on Friday left Lake Como the highest I have seen it this time of the year.  The long sandy point out to the sun dial, where I normally take Argus swimming, is well under water.  Argus had a great time sloshing around in water-cover grassy and brushy areas.  It was incredibly humid and I was dripping with sweat, but the normal compliment of joggers were there.  How can something that looks that miserable make people feel good?  Just hard to believe!

New sofa and floor plan
The new sofa was delivered on Friday, and we had several pieces of old furniture hauled away on Saturday, including the old console radio that has been in the family room since the addition was built.  The young guys who picked up the junk actually laughed when they saw it - I suppose some of my friends have done the same, but the radio worked just fine. Ron was not very happy to give up his battered love seat, but admits that the new sofa is quite comfortable and looks a lot better.

Coral is having some trouble adjusting as that room had been exactly the same for many years.  She stands and stares at the sofa which occupies the spot where her dog bed used to be, and refuses to sleep in the dog bed in its new location.  I put Argus's small bed (that normally sits by my computer) in the family room and she has claimed that as her own.  Hope she and Ron both get used to the new look!

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