Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gone To The Dogs

Gonna be a crazy animal-oriented week here!  Argus and I went to obedience at the regular place last night and will be tested (for class placement) tonight at the school I want to attend.  Am not happy with the out-dated training methods and the one-size-fits-all mentality at our current school, and I want to do more positive training.  Argus could probably qualify for the competition class, but I want to do one of the earlier classes where we work more on basics.  Be interesting to see how this goes.

Have a Thursday appointment to do a semen freeze, banking a bit more of Argus's assets.  So wish I had done this with Rob years ago.  I'd love to have another Rob litter . . .   I want enough from Argus to do about a dozen litters.  It may never get used, but if I don't do this now I am sure I'll regret it.  No need for any more than that, but I do think he's a good enough stud dog to possibly be of some value in the future.

We'll be visiting Mary-with-the-magic fingers again later in the week as Argus has a wife-to-be this week too.   Seems as if no one ships bitches anymore, as the airlines have made it so darned expensive.  This will be another collect and ship.  It's a lot easier to drive him to the Repro Vets than it is to entertain a visiting lady for a week, but I kinda miss getting to know them.  This girl has a lot of Paisley in her pedigree, including several shots of Rob and Morris too.  Of course she has all her health testing and her CHIC number too.  I'm opting for a puppy rather than a stud fee.

On Thursday night we have a fish club meeting, and in my new position as hospitality chair I have to pack up a cooler full of soda and a box of assorted snacks.  We'll go heavy on the diet soda and I need to find some healthier snacks to add to our assortment.  Many of our club members could do a better job of eating healthy so I'll probably have to grit my teeth as people who shouldn't, will be buying the high calorie treats.   Feel as if I am selling out!  Repeat as often as necessary, "I am NOT their mother.  I am NOT their mother."

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