Monday, January 30, 2012

Of Course They Are Lapdogs

I've been going through old pictures recently, since I want to post them to Facebook for the new feature called Timeline.  Ron took this picture of Ch. "Morris" CD sitting on my lap, perhaps 15 years ago.  Mo was breeder-owner-handled by us to a wonderful show record, one that still stands, and one that Argus was not able to beat.  Mo loved to sit on my lap, but always managed to dig an elbow into my chest.

Mo was a very mild-mannered easy going dog, a good show dog and trustworthy companion.  He lived to be 14 1/2 and is from the wonderful combination of Ch. "Rob" CD and Ch. "Eloise".  His pedigree combines all the best Paisley dogs of the past.  His 14 year old Granddaughter Coral still shares my home.

Spent a very fishy weekend, doing the fish club auction on Saturday, and redoing several large tanks on Sunday, but I also squeezed in a visit to the Dog Park with Argus, a long off leash run for Letty as well as a pet store visit, and dinner with my mother.

An early morning call from Meg to let me know the Bennett/Crystal pups are looking good at one week of age.  Three boys, two of them liver, three girls including one liver.  The black boy got off to a slow start, but is holding his own.

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Helen said...

My boy loves to sit on my lap while I'm reading. (And yes, he has sharp elbows, too.) I mostly read library books, and 'Nado finds them particularly interesting, because so many people have handled them, I guess. As a pup he chewed up a few I foolishly left lying around. An expensive lesson for me.