Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Bit Of Variety

This promises to be a very busy day, but at least I'll only be working half a day.  Well actually I'll be "working" all day, but only in the office for half the day.  The rest of it does not seem like work!  And it will be a nice change of pace, with a variety of projects.

First chore of the day was to use the cheek swab kits on Coral & Argus, to be sure they are free of Degenerative Myelopathy.  The diagnosis based on the DNA results will be clear, carrier or affected.  I expect them to be clear, but I do think that it's important the breeders take advantage of all new health testing to be sure they are aware of any issues.  The test kits are very simple and easy to use, and the dogs merely thought I had gone crazy when I rubbed the swab on the insides of their cheeks for 10 seconds!

When Argus went outside I took along a container and did a first catch urine sample.  So much easier to do with boys than girls.  Tough to slide a pie pan under a girl, but boys don't seem to mind a hand and a cup between them and the object they are peeing on, in this case the back fence.  Argus gets blood work done at least once a year as it can show many potential health issues while they are still manageable, but he had that done in December.  Things like kidney and liver issues will result in elevated results.  The urinalysis will look for crystals, signs of infection and test the specific gravity for any indication of kidney issues.  We no longer do yearly vaccinations, but the dogs all get to the vet at least once a year for blood work, particularly since three of them are seniors.

After I drop off the urine sample, Argus and I head off to Inver Grove Height Animal Hospital for a semen freeze - in case we want Argus Pupcycles long after he is no longer at stud!  Because we will also be doing a chilled semen breeding next week, it's a chance to be sure he still has an abundance of healthy sperm.  Argus likes to visit Mary-with-the-magic-fingers and knows what he is there for.

After I drop Argus off at home I'll head to the office, but before doing that I'll move the cooler and sodas into the back of the van and pick up some ice so they'll be cold for the fish club meeting tonight. 

Gone To The Dogs or Something's Fishy.  Always.

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