Friday, February 3, 2012

Please Keep Your Cats At Home

This is my neighbor's cat, sitting on top of the privacy fence watching my bird feeder.  He's thinking about hopping down off the fence and stalking birds.  We haven't seen him in the yard as much recently, hopefully because the neighbor is keeping him indoors, or only letting him out in their yard with supervision.  I've warned them that if the dogs catch him in the yard, I am not responsible for what happens to him.  Ron has already rescued him from the dogs, hurting his knee in the process.  Josie ended up with a slash on her nose and the cat lost some hair in the process.
This is Josie watching the cat.  She's quite sure that one of these days she will catch him in the yard.  He's no different than a rabbit or squirrel to her.  A small furry critter that she would like to catch.  Many breeds have strong prey drive, and even though they may live peacefully with cats, any strange cat hunting in their yard is fair game.  There are no dogs running loose in the neighborhood, but for some reason cat owners seem to think they are exempt from the law.   I've noticed fewer roaming cats for the past few months, so perhaps the coyotes are moving in and picking them off. We had what appeared to be a sizeable free-roaming cat population here.  Go Coyotes!

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Laurie said...

Love your website! I have had Dals for over 30 years and all have had extremely high prey drives. I couldn't agree with you more about cat owners keeping their darned cats in. I've given my neighbors similar warnings, but they just don't care. I wish I had coyotes in my neighborhood!

Your dogs are beautiful!