Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breed Bashing

Westminster is history, but the commentary is ongoing, and much of it is quite offensive.  Each of the Group winners was a lovely dog and they ALL showed well in the final line up.  The Dobe and her breeder-owner-handler put on a fabulous show and were very popular amongst the watchers, the German Shepherd folks are fanatic about their breed, the Irish Setter was lovely and showy, and Ian the Dal did us proud.   They all looked great, but the Peke won, and did everything right.   His win was no surprise.  It's much easier to appreciate showmanship is large flashy breeds, but the Peke was just as showy (for a Peke) as the others, and top judges have agreed that he is an outstanding dog.  Please, no more Peke Bashing.

Hopefully we all survive the next couple of weeks!  Yesterday I picked up Lucy and she moved into my basement.  Letty moved down to join her since she is very close to being breedable.  Lucy isn't there yet as she came in a few days after Letty did, but of course the other dogs are aware of her presence.  Poor Argus is showing the stress of having two in season bitches in the house, and Letty is not impressed with being shut in the basement.  Wish I had a larger house or could afford to board someone out!  If Meribel was not in season too, I'd ask Jess to take Argus for the next ten days, but things are no better there!  Normally I hand walk the girls in season rather than letting them use the dog yard, but with two girls to deal with it's easier to let them out in the yard and hand walk Argus.  He likes that part of the situation.  Lucy will need to visit Indie in Nebraska some time next week - so of course there is snow in the forecast. Knew that would happen!  Fingers crossed.

Sparkle went to her new home yesterday on approval.  Hope this works out.  Seems like a perfect place for her.  Her new owner is in to structure, which is precisely what smart, pushy Sparkle needs.

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