Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dalmatians Rule!

How cool was that?  Ian the Dalmatian winning the Group at Westminster.  We had assumed we would be cheering for our favorite Standard Poodle last night, but the Poodle who was one of the favorites to go Best In Show lost the breed to a Poodle who didn't even place in the Group. What a shame.  I personally didn't think there was any comparison between the two Poodles, but that's dog shows.  But back to Ian, a very silly, super happy kind of Dalmatian, handled by a professional who knows how to get the best out of a dog.  Ian just sparkled out there.  As a longtime Dal breeder I was VERY proud of him.  Dogs like Ian, with exceptionally nice personalities, are great PR for the breed.  The Wire Doxie Hound Group winner was a gem as well, radiating the same extra good attitude.   Love that in a dog.

Argus and I will be cheering Ian on tonight.  Argus remembers Ian as the dog who edged him out for Best of Breed at Westminister last year, but he's a good sport about that.  Ian has gone on to have an excellent career with some very nice wins.  Good Luck tonite, Ian & Michael (handler) & Barbara (owner) & Connie (breeder/co-owner)!

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