Friday, February 17, 2012

Puppy Planning

Things are going pretty well here, despite having two girls in season at the same time.  Am guessing Letty would have been breedable yesterday, as Argus kept trying to lead me to the basement so we could go down and "visit" her.  Letty and her big sister Lucy are getting along well in the basement, and they are out with me when I am doing fish chores.  Otherwise they are crated, but go out to the dog yard every couple of hours.   Argus stays upstairs and goes for walks 5 times a day which he enjoys, 4 short walks so he can empty his bladder and his normal long walk in the evening.  It's important that male Dals not be forced to hold their urine for too long as that is one of the things that can cause urate bladder stones.  (We've always been very conscious of that and have never owned a stone former.)

Lucy had her brucellosis test and her first progesterone test yesterday.  Everyone who saw Lucy gushed that she was the most beautiful Dal they had ever seen.  She really is pretty, and just as sweet as she is lovely.  Also a very good guest.  Progesterone levels still quite low so we don't have to go in again until Monday.  Because we hope to do a natural breeding, weather permitting, we don't need to be quite as precise on timing as we would for a chilled semen breeding, and or especially for a frozen semen breeding, but the tests will allow us to identify the optimum days for breeding.   I talked to Indie's owner John last night, just to be sure they had access to a reproductive vet if we HAD to do a chilled semen breeding.  Although the Weather Channel is just predicting rain and warm temperatures, the local weather folks are talking about the possibility of significant amounts of snow.  If the roads are bad we'll have to do a chilled semen breeding instead of a natural one.

Time to get back to the people on my Possible Puppy Home List!

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Food Freak Frank said...

Oh man, you certainly do have your hands full with two females in heat! And especially with a male in the house. Good luck on the upcoming breeding! Your dogs are beautiful.