Monday, February 13, 2012

Too Much A Happenin'

Whew, hope I survive the week!  Heading off in a few minute to visit Mary-with-the-magic-hands as we are doing another chilled semen contribution for Story.  The Friday shipment, used Saturday, was probably just a bit early according to Saturday's progesterone test so they are doing a second breeding.  A lot of money already invested in this litter-to-be!

Then off to work, but in the evening I'll pick up a Pizza and head over to Mom's to watch Westminster.  No cable or satellite TV here, and this is the only time I really need it.  The second night of Westminster on Tuesday.  When I get back from Mom's have have two dogs to walk and fish to tend - and it was just two years ago tomorrow that I slipped on the ice at 11:15 PM and broke my ankle . . .

Wednesday I drive to Duluth to meet Patti and pick up Lucy & Sparkle, then probably drive to Elk River to drop of Sparkle in her new home.  Lucy and Letty will move to the basement and poor Argus will go crazy.  On Thursday Lucy will go in for her first progesterone test and a brucellosis test. 

Busy, busy, busy.

Actually watched and enjoyed part of the Grammy last night, especially the Beach Boys!

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