Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Doggy Weekend

Another very doggy weekend.   Right now things are centered around the puppies, and getting them raised and properly socialized.  Sometimes seems like a full time job!  Adults all get "their time" though and love having the extra company.  Weaning is going well, and Pauli will go home next weekend, which will help a lot.  She's been good, and we've been biking every evening, something she really enjoys!

Friend Sue has been taking Josie to the Airport Dog Park on a regular basis, and on Saturday she got to run with Letty's brother Herbie.  This has been so good for Josie, whose life was pretty boring.   Josie is a wonderful dog, and it's hard to believe she's already 9 years old.  She's very athletic and playful and is having such a good time running and spashing and chasing her Frisbee.  Sue can't have a dog where she lives, so this way both she and Josie can enjoy the summer.  Thanks, Sue!

Watson visited the Vet last weekend and got both Chiropractic and Acupuncture.  He's doing VERY well and is acting much like the old Watson.  Was concerned that he was getting arthritic, but apparently that is not the case.  Watson's already 12, but I am not ready for him to be an old dog.  Can't imagine not having him around here.  He's always been such a good dog!

Argus and I did the Rice Creek Dog Park on Sunday morning where he got to splash around with Labs and a Boxer.  He's not really a swimmer, mostly just a splasher, but has such fun doing it.  He retrieved a plastic bottle a few times, but just can't understand the Labs' obsession with retrieving anything, and doing it endlessly.  Argus has such a good time and I love watching him and the other dogs, plus that Dog Park is a good one for hiking too.  We picked up mom afterwards and went out to breakfast, sitting at an outdoor table so Argus could be with us.  (And share bits of my omelet.)

The pups had lots of company and many adventures this weekend.   I continue to be very pleased with Fabulous Fern, who seems to have a sensible & secure personality.  She's the biggest puppy right now, but that's because she is also the resident chow hound.  Dixie is coming along nicely.  Am sure she's a uni, hearing in just one ear.  I don't want to place her as a pet strictly because of that, and hope she still ends up in a show home as she is way too pretty not to be shown.   We'll see how this works out.  Luci is lovely, very sound and pretty spotted, but that eye rim is moving just too slowly and she will be going to a pet home.  

The boys are all characters.  Handsome Mickey the patch is a handful, smart and determined.  He'll need a home that has plenty of time and energy to devote to his training.  He won't be easy, but he will be a great dog if properly raised.  Furry Murray is looking good, a more independent sort of dog than his littermates, more like his Grandma Aruba and Uncle Krash (who won the National this year).  His spots are clearing nicely now and he's very striking.  That's him above, playing in the "tunnel", a section of sewer pipe.  Mancini looks like a star, really an outstanding pup.  Hope to find a home that wants a really good looking boy to show.  He's got a blue eye (not a fault) but wonderful structure and movement.  Most of my show homes are for girls, unfortunately, so we shall see.

Pups get BAER tested on Saturday.  I already know their hearing status, but we test to confirm.  We'll do pictures next week too, and start deciding which pup will go where.  If you are interested in something to show, we may have a pup for you.

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