Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sleeping In

The pups are sleeping in this morning, no fussing from the basement yet.  We must have tired them out last night with an hour in the yard, then additional time in the family room.  It was a lot easier when they all fell asleep after 20 minutes of playtime.  Pups were all very active and brave yesterday, no fussing or whining at all, and lots of running and exploring.  If I can get the yard mowed after work, I can set up the puppy fencing and confine them a bit - and protect the flowers they were "admiring" last night.

Heather and her daughters coming over tonite and the weather should be OK for being out in the yard, so we'll wear them out again!  We're doing well on socializing with kids, but really need to emphasize that next week, when the pups will be more aware of the differences in people.  Need to get my mother over here too, so they can have more "senior exposure" - no Ron & I don't count!  If I get to go along to the Wisconsin shows the following weekend, Laurie will be in charge of the pups, which will also be good for them.

On Saturday the pups go in for BAER testing, Pauli goes home, and an assortment of people come to visit.  On Sunday morning Jess & Laurie will come over for a "puppy party" and pictures.  We need to take the "official" six week pictures of the litter, so Angie & Becky (who own Louie) can see how the litter actually looks.  Although I work with the pups a lot and stack them myself, it's nice to be able to evaluate them in profile when stacked by someone else.  It gives me a chance to see how they fit together, and look at their overall proportions.  Lots of angle on this litter, and mostly very nice toplines, so they should take good pictures - IF they behave!  The following Tuesday they go in for their Vet check ups.  Dr. Valenti will give each pup a thorough physical, and they will get their first vaccination.

Watson goes back to the vet today for his second Chiropractic/Acupuncture treatment.  The first one really made a big difference, and he's looking so much better.  Also started him on Glyco Flex 3 and Vetri Disc which may be helping too.  Am very pleased with the results so far.

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