Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Company

More company!  The pups have had a very busy few days with lots of company, and play time in the family room.  One of the nice things about having pups is all the friends and previous buyers who come to visit.  Skip & Gia, along with their sons Trevor & Bradley and neighbor Sandi, came over last night.  We hadn't seen them since they visited Reebok's pups last summer!

They purchased their first Dal from us about 20 years ago and are currently owned by a charming Josie son named Seiko.  I kept Seiko from the litter with plans to show him until we started worrying that he would get too tall (which he did).  He's a fabulous dog otherwise, and hooked them on Brownie Boys.  Bradley and my pup Fabulous Fern hit it off right away and she spent much of the evening cuddling with him.  It's not a particularly cuddly litter at this age - too much to do - but Fern decided Bradley's lap would be just fine.

Next week I'll probably see my old friend Linda who owns 10 year old Robbie, who is their 4th Paisley Dal, and again their first boy.  Having pups is a great time for catching up with friends.  Anyone else out there who wants a puppy fix?

Pups sure provide a lot of photo ops!  This one turned out cute.  Having the pups up in the family room for a couple of hours means we go through a lot of paper towels!  I'd prefer to do the puppy visits in the backyard, but it's just too hot.  Probably not for the pups, but definitely for the people.  Normally we take the pups out for awhile every evening, but last night was just too hot to even consider it.  Neither Ron nor I had any interest in sitting out in the heat and humidity, and the pups are too young to want to stay out by themselves.

Laurie comes to stay next week, and hopefully there will be some decent weather so she can have the pups outdoors if she is around in the afternoon.  Last year she was here during the state shutdown, so we had lots of adventures.  This year I will be working, but am glad that I still have a job!

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