Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun With Puppies

It was so nice to have a day off yesterday, and a chance to spend more time with the puppies. This is such a great age, when they look and act like little dogs instead of spotted blobs, and have started to develop their own unique personalities.  One of the pups  is missing from today's photo (taken yesterday) as he was taking a pee break.  They are very good about leaving their rug now, and peeing on the newspapers - if they can find the papers.  Pauli continues to rearrange the box every night, shredding papers and moving them around.  Always a mess when I come down in the morning.  Apparently she thinks it's OK for her pups to grow up in a Trash House!

The pups have names now, as I finally came up with a theme for the litter. I thought about doing Scotch brands but it was hard to find good names for the girls.  The girls could have had flower names but there was a shortage of suitable names for boys.  So I picked restaurants, and there were hundreds of excellent names to pick from.  The boys are Murray (Murray's Steak House), Mancini (Mancini's Char House), and Mickey (Mickey's Diner which is a well-known local attraction housed in an old trolley car).  The girls are Dixie (Dixie's On Grand), Fern (Fabulous Fern's) and Luci (Ristaurante Luci & Luci Ancora, our neighborhood Italian restaurants).

We are surprised to have three pups with a single blue eye.  I rarely get blues, so was not expecting it, but they are acceptable according to the Dal standard, and can be shown.  I've finished lots of blue-eyed champions, but have not kept one in many years, primarily because I've have gotten so few of them.  It's always something, and much better blue eyes than deafs!  Pauli's grandmother had a blue eye, as did HER grandmother, so it's in the pedigree, just not very close, and because Argus does very few blue eyes, it caught me by surprise.  Louie's owners were also surprised, as Angie gets very few blues.

Mickey the Patch, and Mancini each have a blue right eye, and Luci has a blue left eye.  Mickey can't be shown anyway, and will be an extra cute pet.  Mancini is a gorgeous pups with hand-painted markings, and if his structure is good he will just be a blue-eyed show prospect.  Luci is a beauty too, but still missing a lot of trim on her right eye rim.  It's moving, but has a long way to go.  Eye and nose trim is good on the others, and markings are sooo pretty.

So I am looking at Dixie and Fern, both dark-eyed, beautifully spotted girls, with confident personalities.  Hopefully one is a keeper!  I need a puppy!

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