Monday, July 2, 2012


Whew, what a hot and busy weekend.  While I was sweltering at home, my daughter Jess was sweltering in Virginia where the temperatures were over 100 (and they lost power on Friday night).  She flew out to stay with our friend Laurie, and to show Penny & Amery at the Greater Washington Dal Club Specialty weekend.  Laurie, Jess & I were the breeders of Penny's very successful litter that included Meribel who was BoW at the National, has three Specialty majors, and needs but a single point to finish her championship (and is only 11 months old).  Amery was actually the pick of the girls, but was not as mature and ready to win at the National.  Because the judging panel looked good for the shows in Virginia, Jess decided to fly out and show Amery there.  Because Amery lives with Laurie, Jess did not have to fly out with a dog - which would have been impossible because of the temperatures.

Amery had 2 points before the weekend, having beaten her sister Meribel at small shows when we were getting ready for DCA, but when the weekend was over she had 14 points, having gone WB (Winners Bitch) for 3-4 points majors, three wins in a row.   Good girl, Amery!  Now both brownie girls have 14 points and 3 majors, just needing a single point each to finish.  Meribel was shown in the Puppy Class, and Amery took her wins from the BredByExhibitor Class.  Good puppies!

Hopefully the new litter has some stars.  They had lots of company over the weekend and are looking so very cute!  Update on them tomorrow.  Lots of updates actually, as Christopher is "trying out" a new home too.

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